"Business Innovations" Group, (which includes "Business Innovations" LLC, PTVP “Levada” and entrepreneur Vyacheslav Lezhanskyy) started its business in sales, development, implementation and maintenance of software solutions based on “1C: Enterprise " software in Lviv and Lviv region in 2001. Since then we have accumulated considerable experience of automation in retail and wholesale trade, manufacturing, catering, construction and other areas. This experience allows us to offer our clients software products, develop and implement solutions optimal for their specific needs. We know that each business is unique. Even very similar in size and scope of activity businesses have different approaches to business organization, management and operational activities. Therefore we not only sell software but develop and implement individual “1C” based software solutions, which allow each our customer to expect:


  • employee efficiency improvment;
  • products and services quality improvment;
  • reduction of loss from error and abuse;
  • quick access to information for analysis, decision making and planning;
  • efficient management and control.


Improvement of client's business efficiency is the goal that we set ourselves in our projects regardless of their scale and duration.


We provide:


  • installation, configuration and maintenance of “1C: Enterprise” software, Microsoft software, antivirus  and other software;
  • development and implementation of software solutions for  trade, accounting and management automation;
  • “1C: Enterprise” software adaptation for operation with trading equipment (cash registers, electronic scales, "kitchen" printers, data collection terminals, barcode scanners, etc..)
  • employee training;
  • hot-line support;
  • assistance in automated accounting implementation.

Call us: +38(097) 298-31-89, +38(032) 242-51-54