Why we chose "1C:Enterprise" framework for our solutions development and recommend it to our clients

Openness and flexibility

“1C:Enterprise" software - is not only known to all "1C:Accounting ". First of all it is a framework for business software solutions development. With "1C:Enterprise" company can choose to use ready-made applied solutions ("Accounting", "Sales Management", "Payroll and HR Management” and others.), modify standard solutions to suit their specific needs, or to develop fully customized solution based on "1C:Enterprise" platform. This software, can be modified and improved as company needs and conditions change. "1C:Enterprise" software mechanisms can be effectively used to automate almost any business activity in any industry. This enables us to offer software solutions that suit best your specific needs, solves your specific  problems, and it increases the efficiency of your business.


Compliance with legislation and accounting standards

"1C" business software has actually became an industry standard in Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries. Over 1 000 000 companies in various industries use it in their daily activities. More than 4 million users use "1C:Enterprise" system every day. One reason for such popularity is high level of compliance with legislation and accounting standards in these software products. Standard solutions are frequently designed to enforce proper accounting and tax accounting practice. However, user can still register any unusual business transactions when needed.


High quality standard solutions

Standard “1C:Enterprise" solutions – are mass, proven product. Significant number of companies use them unchanged. Standard solutions include only features needed by most companies. This allows to take into account the specificity of business in Ukraine, guarantees compliance with legislation and accounting standards, ensures their effective support and development. Thus standard solutions remain quite compact, easy-to-use and affordable even for small companies.


A large number of workers with "1C:Enterprise"experience in the labor market

Due to popularity of “1C:Enterprise" based solutions there is plenty of workers versed in these software products in the labor market. Employee with the "1C:Enterprise" usage skills is much easier to find than an employee with any other business software experience. Employees versed in any “1C:Enterprise" based software quickly master other specialized or customized solutions. This reduces cost of staff training during implementation and use of this software.



"1C:Enterprise" is suitable for both small companies or individual entrepreneurs and large diversified holdings. The software allows you to increase when necessary the number of users, add new features, new business processes without stopping enterprise operation.


Software support

1C Company provides support for both standard solutions and "1C:Enterprise" platform. Regular updates for standard solutions allow to keep them up-to-date with constant changes in legislation, and framework allows combine these updates with changes we make on client’s request.


Excellent price / performance ratio

Large sales of standard solutions provide low per license cost. This allows 1C to set relatively low prices despite significant costs associated with development and support of high quality business software. Ready business mechanisms of "1C:Enterprise" framework allow to reduce both price of standard solutions and cost of development and implementation of customized solutions. Therefore, choosing "1C:Enterprise" one can expect best price/performance ratio.

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